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ECOS DigitalPeas is an Internet service offered by the Kalamazoo Group of companies through Wickliffe Solutions to its business customers. ECOS DigitalPeas allows total control of your entire digital asset repository and print on demand.

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Wickliffe Solutions is a leading New Zealand supplier of e-procurement solutions. To learn more about Wickliffe Solutions please visit our website www.wickliffe.co.nz.

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ECOS DigitalPeas Features
Easy to use
Easy to use
Designed to be very easy to use to ensure that infrequent users do not need to retrain every time they use the system.
Easy to use
PDF is the most commonly used file format today for proofing and printing. The print industry acknowledges that the trend to a common or universal file format will continue.
Easy to use
Version control is an inherent part of DigitalPeas. Upload and download the latest version of a asset, to make controlled changes.
Easy to use
We have designed this system to provide fast effective proofing using the tools our customers already have at their disposal and enhancing the proofing systems they are familiar with.
Easy to use
Publish images and PDF documents to websites for further online ordering.
Easy to use
Print on demand
Place an order for next day delivery for quantities as low as one. The benefits are that inventory is dramatically reduced, obsolescence is eliminated, version control is guaranteed, and fully integrated into the print supply chain.
Easy to use
Send assets to other than DigitalPeas users for collaborative proofing or sharing.
Easy to use
Assets are permission based that allow owners to select the level of access available to others.
Easy to use
Cost effective
The time, money and effort spent on locating files and proofing will be reduced considerably by addressing these needs with Digital Peas.